May 2020


Our first feature article in our May issue is that of the 2020 Triumph Tiger 900, both the GT and Rally models. Costa Mouzouris tested the new Tigers during a press launch in Morocco and put them through their paces during three days of riding on pavement, gravel and off-road. There are many standout features that make these the best Tigers to date.

Also on the new bike front is a press launch for the all-new Suzuki V-Strom 1050XA. The 2020 model underwent a substantial redesign, making this pseudo-adventure bike more competent than ever for long distances and everyday rides – including some forays onto gravel roads.

David G. Williams takes us on a loosely planned ride in search of the perfect Old Fashioned drink down the coasts of Oregon and California. When that plan unravelled, he devised an unplanned ride to continue south to visit the National Steinbeck Center, which tells the life story of American author John Steinbeck.

Britain’s Norton Motorcycles has closed its doors once again. Alan Cathcart sent us his take on the ups and downs of spending too much money on R&D and racing, which left the company without cash flow for producing real motorcycles.

All of this and so much more in the May 2020 issue of Motorcycle Mojo magazine.

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