On Any Wednesday


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On Any Wednesday (Or Tuesday, or Thursday, or…)
The mostly mid-week travelogue of Max Burns
On Any Wednesday (Or Tuesday, or Thursday, or…) is a collection of five motorcycle adventures. Each story catches Max—sometimes alone, sometimes with friends—chasing the trails and sparsely-travelled backroads of northeastern Ontario and northwestern Québec, typically pursued by a fast-approaching winter. In his notoriously satirical and witty manner, Max uses the motorcycle not just as a vehicle to get from point A to point somewhere, but also as a vehicle to explore life and a few of its absurdities. The reader is invited along to share the sweet scent of a shower of autumn leaves, the teasing taste of delectable apple pie, the haunting silence of a vacated northern lake, the airing of a few selected gripes, and a few belly laughs—basically all the smells, tastes, sights, joy, and sometimes pain, of Max’s world as seen from the seat of a motorcycle. On Any Wednesday makes for a fun—and occasionally provocative—read, one that will appeal to both armchair adventurers and active participants alike. top

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