The University of Gravel Roads


The University of Gravel Roads has been awarded the bronze medal in category of Travel Essay at the 2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards and has won the 2011 DaVinci Eye Award for Cover Art. Congratulations to Chris ‘Swani’ Swanson for design.

At the end of a great day of riding and exploring, have you ever wanted nothing more than to fall asleep, exhausted from new experiences, only to wake up the next day and do it all again? And again? And again?
Join the adventure as 33-year-old Rene Cormier politely removes himself from the working world that surrounds him and cashes in what few possessions he has to finance a three-year-long motorcycle journey around the world. Never one to let excessive planning get in the way of a good ride, Rene runs out of money half way through the tour and ultimately takes five years to cover his 41-country, 154,000-kilometre (95,000 mile) route. Written with equal measure of cultural insight and travel logistics, this light travelogue brings you alongside Rene as he pulls off the ride of a lifetime, doing it the old-fashioned way; no sponsors, no support vehicles, and no idea about what he is going to learn along the way.

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