Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment


Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment is a fascinating 259 page read. The book describes 50 vibrantly different stories that delves into the honesty, fear, excitement, challenges, setbacks and the triumphs of each woman as they expose their personal journeys.

Liz Jansen describes her book as one that speaks of not only her own transformation, but also the personal changes that 49 other women have experienced, and the paths they have taken to become who they are. Although the various roads taken are sometimes quite different, they also share many similarities. The common thread between each woman is determination and the love of motorcycling.

Diverse backgrounds, experiences and varied strengths of each individual create an exciting read. Sometimes you really just have to put it down for a few minutes in order to fully appreciate and envelop the emotions that have been laid out on the pages.

Liz has chosen to include 49 other women on her journey – some friends, some acquaintances and some merely inspirational figures that have come highly recommended. Combined, their stories describe an emotional ride of sorted souls seeking support, direction and confidence – a journey of life. This book is a relaxing yet extraordinary read that leaves you feeling empowered, encouraged, inspired and motivated to take control of your own journey.

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