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Motorcycle Mojo Magazine had a wealth of back issues and content to be featured on their website, but they were lacking a orderly and responsive way to feature all of it. They needed a website re-design that could catalog all of their past articles and images for easy reference. They also needed a big search engine optimization (SEO) boost to get them found on search engines. Gooder Marketing was able to fulfill these requirements with an extensive redesign, including cataloging all of their past content and On Page seo services.

By properly building pages, tagging, and linking all of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s past articles, Gooder Marketing was able to create an easily searchable database of over 1,000 pages of past articles and photos for motorcycle enthusiasts. This alone was able to boost their SEO and gain larger volumes of search traffic. Carefully planned keywords tags on the articles made them searchable by topics, giving visitors a rich and valuable user experience.

The biggest addition to the web site design was the addition of an ecommerce store. Visitors are now able to not only subscribe to the magazine through the website, but also purchase a host of other motorcycle literature and products through the online store. An easy to use WordPress theme makes it simple for staff to add and edit items in the store, keeping their offerings up to date and attracting more customers.

The new webdesign for Motorcycle Mojo Magazine has added so much more value for visitors, reducing bounce rates and raising their online revenue and subscriptions.
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