Altama Maritime Assault Shoe

Story by Glenn Roberts// Photos by Glenn Roberts
August 22 2018

These lightweight shoes are made to get wet and are just what your dogs ordered after a long day’s ride

The Original Footwear Company manufactures and carries a few brands of lightweight tactical-type footwear, including Original S.W.A.T., Altama, and Smith and Wesson. All offer a good, solid tread pattern suitable for grip on a number of surfaces, including hot, smooth pavement, if you use them for riding.

The Altama Maritime Assault shoe is different in that it isn’t a protective boot, so I wouldn’t recommend it as riding footwear, but that isn’t to say you can’t use it on a bike trip.

The website claims that the Altama Maritime Assault shoe “is made for all tactical water operations. With a fin-friendly fit, this boot will fit just about any dive fin used by militaries worldwide.”

SWAT Altama shoe_DSC3181Now, I don’t know of any bikers who take scuba gear with them on a motorcycle trip, but it’s the thought that goes into designing something like this that can be beneficial to motorcyclists. Sometimes we get caught in the rain during or after a ride. These shoes offer a lightweight alternative to running shoes when your day’s ride is over and you can’t wait to take off your heavy and hot riding boots.

These shoes are made from quick-drying, high-abrasion 1000D Cordura with an air mesh lining to wick away sweat and moisture from your foot. Because they are made to be in the water as well as on land, they remain lightweight even when wet, should you get caught in the rain at your campsite or need to wade into a cold river to grab a beer. The insole is made of soft, contoured rubber that will not absorb water; they even have drain ports where the shoe flexes to allow water to drain easily. So many reasons these shoes are superior to running shoes.

I’ve been wearing a pair for a couple of weeks now without any discomfort or hot spots, and find they provide good grip on any surface I’ve tried them on. As an added bonus, the sole is stiff enough to prevent undue pressure on the soles of your feet from rocks or stones.

Just think how comfortable you’ll be at the end of your ride, or scuba diving experience, knowing you’ll have decent footwear to spend the rest of the evening in.

The Altama Maritime Assault shoe is available in black, two types of camo or sand. They retail for $119.99 at, and come with a 60-day comfort guarantee and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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