2018 Walridge Motors Limited Catalogue

Story by Glenn Roberts//
January 1 2019

An updated parts resource for British motorcycle aficionados.

Lovers of vintage British motorcycles will rejoice at the news of a comprehensive, up-to-date parts list for your favourite iron. Mike Partridge started Walridge Motors 30 years ago and is no stranger to compiling parts catalogues – and he definitely knows a thing or two about British motorcycles and the items needed to make them operate properly. You’ll also find a wealth of information and advice compiled by Partridge on the Walridge Motors website.

The new 200-page catalogue has been upgraded from the 2014 edition to include over 4,000 part numbers with tons of descriptions and plenty of images. In addition to those 4,000 items, the price list has over 30,000 part numbers and prices for classic British motorcycle parts that Partridge has access to. Also listed are valuable original manufacturer model-specific parts books, shop manuals and handbooks.

The digital, searchable parts catalogue and price list is available for free download from the website, or if you prefer to actually hold it in your hands, you can have the catalogue and price list sent to you at a cost of $5 to cover postage.

Go to walridge.com or call (519) 227-4923 for more information, or to order the 2018 catalogue.


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