April 2013

ISDE tower

ISDE, A Canadian Perspective

As the morning mist burned off the trees outside the castle wall of the hotel...

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Taking on the Dirty Oval

Dust, exhaust fumes and the din of open-piped, flat-track motorcycles charged...

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triumph gas tanks

A Collection of Stuff

In impractical things (as defined by my wife), I am a fairly practical man When...

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A Near North Experience

I had borrowed a K1600GT sport tourer from BMW for only a week, and needed a...

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April Feature Bike

My Mistress

When Sean MacLennan asked his parents for a trailbike after taking his first...

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Woman Motorcycle Driver


On December 2, 2012, motorcycling legend Mary McGee stepped into the...

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image Honda CRF250L

A Jewel in the Rough

Honda has a 40-year history of building 250 cc, off-road motorcycles, and all...

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Roadster Refined

Triumph’s 675 cc, inline-triple is one of my favourite motorcycle engines It...

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Image of the new 2013 BMW R1200GS

The Next Step in World...

A driveline design that stems back 90 years gets a major overhaul, and the...

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Looking for That Gem

Sunshine and melting snow this coming spring might prompt some of you to go...

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